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Things You’ll Probably Never Figure Out

You know how things in movies always seem to have a happy ending, with a hero who always happens to be at the correct place at the right time! Out here, away from Hollywood, is a brutal, cruel world wherein humans are constantly surrounded by things and creatures that could potentially kill them. In reality, serial killers have always been around, taking human lives for sport, and even getting away with their heinous acts. All you’ll hear is that there was nothing the authorities could do about it, embarrassing facts they never teach in schools due to fear of glorifying the evil people. Out here, it’s like the bad guys always win, and good rarely prevails; case in point, the many mysteries of the world that are yet to be solved. Some of the most exciting mysteries have been highlighted below, just keep reading.

First off, Jack the Ripper, a

First off, Jack the Ripper, a popular mystery to say the least because the authorities have since been unable to get to the bottom of this one. Most true crime fans have heard of Jack, the prostitute killer, who terrorized an area of London called White Chapel in 1888. One by one, hookers started disappearing without a trace, all the while meeting their gruesome endings. Jack had done a number on their bodies using torture, and mutilations. What makes Jack a memorable character is that he was never caught, despite writing several letters to the then local printing press. As usual, the best way to approach an unknown is by developing a series of hypotheses, except, this unknown led to the emergence of multiple conspiracy theories instead.

Another incident occurred around 1945 when

Another incident occurred around 1945 when five air force pilots took off from their military base to embark on their usual flight maneuver training. Surprising to say, but the five never came back from their practice. It is, however, said that all five aircraft flew into the Western region of the North Atlantic. Anyone who is well versed in world Geography can guess that the region in question is the Bermuda Triangle. Ships and aircraft have vanished in this area than anywhere else on the entire planet.

Things You'll Probably Never Figure Out

Egypt is the next stop for mysteries that have long since gone unsolved, at least not in verifiable ways. Giza may have the oldest and most conspicuous pyramids on the planet, but that’s not the real issue here. What anyone should be asking is, “Who were those gigantic steps on the sides of pyramids built for?” They most certainly weren’t made to have any practical application to humans then, and they still don’t. Extraterrestrials perhaps, or giants existed alongside humans before disappearing without a trace, in the region. All that is left to do is speculate since nobody can provide actual information that is indicative of the intent behind the massive side steps. Although many local legends try to explain this in obviously unbelievable detail, humans are yet to unravel this mystery.

Imagine waking up one day to find half the member of your town dancing uncontrollably, despite fatigue. That’s precisely the brand of unbelievable nonsense that transpired in 1518, in Strasbourg, France. A woman known as Frau started dancing uncontrollably in the streets. Soon, more than 300 people in the city joined in on the action, some dancing themselves to death due to exhaustion, cardiac arrest, and even strokes. Picture dancing yourself to death, syncing your moves to no particular music while at it until you pass away from exhaustion. It’s embarrassing, probably the most laughable way for anyone to meet their demise. Why anyone would do that to themselves is still beyond current human understanding comprehension up to date, considering there are no known contagious mental illnesses.

At all times, leaders are often surrounded by their security detail for obvious reasons. Imagine waking up one day to the news that your president is missing, and not even their security detail can account for their whereabouts. As absurd, and impossible as that sounds, that’s exactly what happened to an Australian prime minister, Harold, in 1967. A classic tale of he went out to the beach for his usual swim but never came back. Although some sources have theorized that Harold’s disappearance was politically motivated, it is good to rule that anything could have happened to him on that fateful day. These are just some bizarre things that have managed to elude scrutiny.

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