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The Solutions For Lack of Education

Lack of education is defined as either having a below-average level of common knowledge or not having had a scholarly education. One of the greatest reasons for being educated is so that people can be able to know the basic prerequisites of daily life. Education has basic knowledge in language, writing, reading, or math. A lack of education has many side effects such as poverty, low salaries, lack of respect, plus lack of employment.

There are plenty of reasons why people might lack education, such as poverty, religion, orphans, disabilities, gender discrimination, cultural influences, laziness, or the absence of qualified tutors. The poor are either deprived of quality education or can just not pay for the available minimum. Poor families are exposed to many education inequalities as compared to well-off families. Quality education is usually expensive, and children from such homes cannot pay for it.

The other reason for the lack

It is difficult for most orphans to get an education as they are unable to take care of themselves. This means that they cannot pay for their education, for those in orphanages, quality education is hardly an option for them. The disabled lack education because they may not be able to listen, write or move around without any assistance. Disabilities may include mental health issues, these can affect students from understanding or grasping the material being taught. Gender discrimination and cultural influences usually attuned with each other. There are cultures that believe the girl child must stay home to cook, wash, and clean the home whilst the boy child is being educated or working. That is discrimination against the girl child through the influence of culture, which leads to the lack of education.

The other reason for the lack of education is that people can be lazy. There is absolutely no desire to put in the work that is required in studying to get educated. Such characters are usually dependent on their family in life for upkeep or financial assistance. Another factor that influences the lack of education is having teachers who lack qualifications. Such teachers are bound to give education with low quality, which leads to basic life knowledge that is lower than average.

However, there are solutions that help

Numerous studies have shown that the lack of education and poverty are strongly positively correlated. Lacking good education highly means that a country will increase its unemployment rates. Jobs usually screen people’s education when they apply, with a lack of education, chances are very low for you to be hired. If people with no education are hired by companies, they work for long hours with a low salary. The working conditions which they are placed in are very terrible.

However, there are solutions that help to reduce the lack of education. One solution is having governments and local authorities support children from difficult environments. The accessibility to scholarships, bursaries, or financial subsidies has helped to alleviate the strain of paying tuition by less privileged families. The availability of financial support helps students to get a good education.

The Solutions For Lack of Education

Another solution is to improve the eminence of education provided in schools. There are areas that have few teachers, authorities should try to recruit from their cities or internationally. Governments should be able to amend their constitutions to provide a good quality public education. These authorities should make sure that the recruited tutors are qualified for the job. That will ensure they deliver a good education to their schools.

Teachers should have a good level of education as well for them to teach sufficient or above-average education. This is something that governments should take care of and provide better education for local populations. Some countries have their schools in the cities, which means children must walk long distances or relocate to get an education. It is not all families that are able to fund for the relocation or daily walking and commuting to school. With better infrastructure, governments will be able to build schools that are affordable and close to homes. This will help children from poor homes to get a decent education.

Some countries globally still discriminate against women and girls because of cultural influences. A solution to this would be to raise awareness of gender equality. This will help women and girls to get easier access to education. Equality in education will most likely lead to the development of countries.

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