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The Pros and Cons of a Long School Curriculum

Acquiring knowledge and general understanding is not easy to get from self learning. This is especially the reason why schools are very much needed in every country. They offer a wide range of topics along with subjects needed for character development. These subjects are taught by dedicated teachers whose personal interest is in delivering the best education possible. Every school has a specific schedule which decides when school starts and ends. Although, for now, the focus will be on why learning takes more than eight hours a day.

Schools generally take more than eight

Schools generally take more than eight hours a day for the following reasons. To begin, learning is a gradual process and it should not be rushed. This is done solely to ensure that knowledge is passed on for better understanding by students. Additionally, most students tend to understand at a slower pace than others, so schools tend to adjust mostly to help such students. Therefore, if a school wants quality education for its students, it needs to dedicate more time in learning for them. Bear in mind, within eight hours of learning breaks are also included to give every student a rest period.

The Pros and Cons of a Long School Curriculum

Another reason is that besides knowledge, schools also help improve peer social relationships in students. Knowledge is power, but without friends people tend to fall out when facing society. Schools generally help people in building social skills by having such a long schedule in a day. The third reason is, longer school times helps parents, especially working-class parents. Although, if schools ended in a shorter time frame this could greatly affect the daily routines of parents. Most parents will have to work less just to stay at home with the children, this makes the children feel like a burden to them.

Bear in mind, schools in general help in keeping people more in-tune with the modern way of living. By providing modern machines and tools to learn with, people become more up to date with certain world conditions. To learn new things, especially information age-based machines, takes time and much practice, which again is a reason for long school days. Even though having long school days is beneficial, it does however have a couple of downsides to it. The downside of a long school schedule, though small, can counter productivity levels in a person. Some of them are, raising cost to learn along with people having limited time for other activities.

Longer daily school routines mean a bigger salary for teachers along with facility cost increases for maintenance. In regards to that, if schools do have longer schedules it does reduce productivity level of pupils in other activities. That being said, pupils should be given more time to acquire other skills not related to school. These facts given, are the major pros and cons of having long school schedules. Even though the pros superseded the cons, every school should find a means at balancing its schedule. This should be done to create a fun atmosphere for the pupils, one in which to learn isn’t a burden but a glorious achievement.

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