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Mod Podge as an Adhesive Material and Varnish

A clear chemical that is applied over a finished surface, like a painting, a wood, or a collage, to protect the surfaces or enhance their appearance in detail is known as a Varnish. The word “varnish” was derived from tree resins used in the generation of popular varnish formulas present today. After a house or a piece of wooden furniture is painted, varnishes are applied to enhance their color appearance, and protect them from termites, etc. Varnishes also protect the surface of painted equipment, making the surface easier to be cleaned, dusted, and bring out its color saturation. They’re used in floors, sculptures, wooden furniture to protect paintings, enhance color attributes, to exhibit their true quality. Varnishes are essential for the longevity of pieces of furniture found at homes or offices as they don’t only bring out their shine, but protect them from wood-eating insects too.

From personal experience and several research

From personal experience and several research works conducted, a Mod Podge can be utilized in a similar manner, a classic varnish material. Mod Podge has an added advantage because of its thick texture, it can be used additionally as an adhesive material, which is what it has been marketed as mostly. It’s sold as glue in most markets, and using it as a protective topcoat is simply a bonus of its features. Though reactions with moisture content after it’s been applied as a topcoat are still vaguely understood, the Mod Podge is still regarded as a top varnish material. Mod Podges can be applied to paper-based, painted projects to protectively top coat them and promote their shine. Wood finishings can be used too, but a stronger, more waterproof, clearer polyurethane chemical specially made for this purpose is advisable because it binds stronger.

Mod Podge as an Adhesive Material and Varnish

A gloss medium, linseed varnish oil formulated for specific paints is recommended to be used for enhancing protective layers on some painted canvases. This makes the binding stronger and brighter, providing lasting protection for your painted canvases more ostensibly too. Mod Podge is a brand, brands have multiple products and formulas for creating other products, though the main product sold will provide finishing like a Varnish coating. The three top finishes the Mod Podge sealer comes in are matte, gloss, and satin having a white translucent color, drying as a colorless substance. Working perfectly as a glue adhesive for top-rated finishing projects, the Mod Podge sealer is used as a medium for decoupage and collages. Other Mod Podge formulas are available for use outdoors, including hard coats, glitter, paper, photo transfer, antiques, etc.

For paper mache, using Mod Podges as their glue substance comes in handy because of their clarity and ability to strongly bind the paper mache. In modern-day homes, you’ll notice some printed pictures mounted on wooden pieces on the walls, adorning the houses. Mod Podges are used to accurately transfer printed pictures to the woods, the glue features stick the pictures to the wood, while the protective features ensure it’s free from insect attacks. They are essential glues for craftwork, and their ability to dry colorless makes it suitable to be used as a sealant. Buy a version of Mod Podge today that will keep your desired surface shiny.

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