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Free Education, A Myth?

Out of all the beings living on this third planet from the sun, humans boast of being at the top of the evolutionary hierarchy. This is not because humans are the strongest or fastest out of all organisms that exist. Their dominance is attributed to their superiorly developed brain which we take advantage of to survive better than other beings. Unlike in most cases where an unfavorable condition will force a change in an organism to survive, humans are known to manipulate their environment instead and make it adapt to them. No other beings carry out this feat better than human beings, and that is why they are the most successful of all creatures living on earth.

Humans adopted different practices and invented

Humans adopted different practices and invented several artificial objects for the sole purpose of easing their living in this world that they found themselves. This created a large knowledge gap between the present generation and the coming generation. Plus for man’s offspring to properly grow into an active person in modern society, they need to be subjected to a long period of teaching plus learning. It was what birthed the concept of education. Since education equips a young person with the necessary skill and knowledge that they can depend on to survive in any society they find themselves in, many argued that it is a basic human right plus it should be delivered freely.

Free Education, A Myth?

Educating a person is not only profitable to that person alone but it is beneficial to the whole human race. The higher the number of educated ones in the human population the faster we develop has a being. With a clear all-around benefit that education awards a society, it is a surprise that several human-populated regions do not provide its members with free education especially during the tertiary levels which is by far the costliest level. Numerous factors contribute to hindering education from being a free commodity enjoyed by all. Schooling is viewed by the public as a type of value. It is a value that is liable to create more value making it highly priced in this modern world.

With value comes the creation of a market for the exchange of this entity, like any other valuable, education can be bought or sold. A party will always have to pay the price, therefore when you say free education, you are only shifting the responsibility of payment for schooling to another. The shift is usually from students to a governing body. Schooling cannot be completely free since people offer the service; teachers, lecturers, and others have to be paid. Other expenses related to education include the cost of building a school, learning materials, research resources, plus some other expenses. However, it is still a possibility that all these expenses are met by the government using taxpayer’s money.

But that is, at most times, not the case: most government regimes usually have something higher up their priority list than focusing primarily on making education free for all. The matter is even worsened by a type of economy that is largely endorsed by most of the world’s countries. Capitalism, unlike socialism which focuses on humanity growing as a whole, concentrates on personal growth. Free education is a fairy tale, in reality, nothing of worth comes freely.

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