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Causes of Lack of Education

Education is an important aspect required to survive in life, whether formal or informal. Informal education is what we learn every day from home and the surrounding society. These are traits and habits we pick up, methods of doing certain activities, all aimed to help us survive while living peacefully with those around us. Formal education is obtained from schools, aimed at making us have professional skills, which mainly aid in putting food on the table. These skills are taught and nurtured in these facilities at various levels, but certain people don’t have the luxury of accessing education due to different reasons.

Poverty is a major factor contributing to the lack of education. To administer knowledge effectively to the people, there has to be a certain system that works effectively. This system includes having good facilities, teachers to teach, all dependent on school fees paid by the students. For those who struggle to put a meal on the table, paying school fees is another struggle they cannot afford to deal with, opting to live without formal education. Countries like Germany have put systems in place to ensure that education is free for all, enabling everyone to access education from childhood to adulthood.

There have to be adequate facilities

Lack of or inadequate teaching staff in the available facilities provides another challenge to those who may want to pursue their education. Literature lessons may not be in much of a threat as compared to sciences and math. These require a level of training that many could lack, making it challenging to continue passing the knowledge to those students. This factor mainly affects those in developing countries with poor administration and systems. Without working systems, it isn’t easy to attain certain levels of achievements, like a literal society.

There have to be adequate facilities for students to learn in a peaceful environment that increases productivity and thinking. Facilities do not have to be expensive libraries or laboratories, but having simple classroom structures is the most important part of the school set-up. A school with no rooms for students to learn in could pose many challenges for both the teachers and students. Learning under trees makes them vulnerable to environmental distractions, weather changes, all of which keep stopping the class midway. Classrooms provide an environment free from distractions, protecting from the scorching sun or heavy rain, making learning a continuous process.

Causes of Lack of Education

Discrimination of people with disabilities contributes to a lack of education. The mentality that such people can’t understand or learn as quickly as others should not be a reason to put them aside from the rest. They should have an equal chance to learn like everyone else, and there should be teachers trained to handle such people with special needs.

Gender discrimination is a factor that is being fought against as well, where statistics show that girls are not being taken to school, being given the same platform as boys would. This could be influenced mainly by cultural practices by some communities that do not see the need to educate the girls, making them work in the family home instead. Some countries have managed to eliminate this threat to the girl in their jurisdiction, but more effort needs to be put into ensuring all girls globally get the same privilege to education as boys.

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